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Maternal Love — Eternal Light

Maternal love is like eternal light which enlightens her children’s lives in her absence as well. So if love of mothers has such power it results in that it is something, which is rather complicated to define it. Actually, when the talk is about love, I remember an English proverb: «Love is blind». Here meaning of «love» is not only maternal, but in abstract manner. As someone falls in love with someone, he or she sees her/him as an ideal one. Because love has such kind of power. It «covers» your eyes and you are unable to see her/his shortcomings rather than only good manners. As they say, love is something, which is almost impossible to explain what actually it is. When it comes to love of mothers, it gets more difficult to explain the meaning of it since love among people can burn out one day but maternal love never.

Celebration of International day of science

Each year the Day of Science organized by the Ministry of Education and Academy of Sciences is celebrated in Turkmenistan on June 12. On this occasion, the exhibition of innovative technologies presenting scientific developments in the country and exchanging experiences with the foreign colleagues including achievements made by the young scientists in the field of sciences and technology. At present our Esteemed President Serdar Berdimuhamedov pays much attention to development of the education system of Turkmenistan.

Contribution of Turkmen Writers and Poets to the Victory Day

The President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov:— Victory Day is a day that promotes peace-loving, friendship, and solidarity views of mankind, and celebrates high feelings of patriotism and humanitarianism in generations. Patriotism has always been the core theme of the Turkmen literature. The idea of defending the Fatherland runs all through the epic «Gorogly» which was a kind of people’s ethic rules and demands. That’s why before the battle Gorogly, the main hero of this epic addressing his young warriors says:

Co-operation in ecology is one of the priority trends of Turkmenistan

Strategic partnership for the sake of global peace, progress and prosperity — this fundamental principle of the policy of positive neutrality pursued by our Esteemed President Serdar Berdimuhamedov is highly important today. Our Fatherland is making a significant contribution to the creation of new formats of relations that are in line with the spirit of the times and global development trends in the 21st century. In its foreign policy activities, Turkmenistan prioritizes the strengthening and expansion of cooperation with international structures, provides constant assistance in the implementation of decisions and agreements adopted by organizations of which it is a member. In this regard, fruitful co-operation of Turkmenistan with the United Nations Organization, which is built on the principles of strategic partnership and which has received new content at modern stage, is worth to be mentioned. At present time, our state is a member of number of structural divisions of the United Nations, under which it carries out its activity. Partnership with other big international and regional organizations is also developed steadily.

She will live Forever in our Hearts

The Turkmen people accepted the death of Ogulabat Berdimuhamedova, the mother of the National Leader of the Turkmen people, of our Hero Arkadag,  the grandmother of our Esteemed President Serdar Berdimuhamedov,  with great sadness. This person, who embodies the holiness of the mother, was an inexhaustible gift to the life of our people and an inexhaustible love to their hearts. She, who only wanted good for her country, had good qualities, who was an example to women and girls throughout her life, will live forever in our hearts and minds as a model of statehood and noble humanity. As it is known, we believe that there is always the wisdom of the Almighty in the blessed month of Ramadan. There must be some wisdom in the fact that our sister-in-law, like Malikguly Aga, moved the ruler of the months to eternity in this blessed month. They were the chosen servants of the Almighty, the bestowers of goodness. The people regarded these people as saints, and their grown-up sons are accepted them as their Heroes, national, and Heads of state. Our great mother gave to the Turkmen country honourable children who will be the head of the state and bring together the nation in a great nation without neglecting such qualities as contentment, statesmanship, noble humanity, love for the fatherland, loyalty to the family hearth. In addition, she became an exemplary guide for the futur

Briefing was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan

Yesterday, on March 28, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan held a briefing dedicated to the city of Arkadag, which has been given the special legal status of a city of state importance under the Law. It was attended by officials of foreign countries operating in the country and heads of diplomatic missions of international organizations.    As we know, with the approval of our Esteemed President Serdar Berdimuhamedov, the new Law «On the City of Arkadag» was adopted. Regarding the main provisions of this Law, it should be noted that for the first time in the history of our country, the city of Arkadag was given the status of a city of state significance. Other regulatory documents related to the new city were prepared and adopted.

Final Briefing of International Observers

Yesterday, on March 27,in the “Garagum” Hotel in Ashgabat a briefing was held at which the Head of the Central Commission for Elections and Referendums in Turkmenistan announced preliminary results of the elections of deputies of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan, members of the Khalk Maslakhaty and Gengeshes for velayats, etraps and cities. Speaking at the briefing, the head of the Central Election Commission, G. Myradov, announced that the voting for the worthy candidates presented to the members of the national parliament and local authorities was successfully held.

«Worshipping Mother-worshipping a sacred Person»

As a result of the successful continuation of the work started by our Hero Arkadag Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the noble traditions of educating the young generation are being enjoyed during the Revival of the New Epoch of the Powerful State. Creating conditions for our people to live a happy and prosperous life is the priority direction of the country's policy. In this regard, great attention is paid to the creation of a physically healthy, spiritually rich and well-developed young generation, and to the strengthening of family values in the consumer society of mothers. Since ancient times, our people have attached great importance to children's physical health, mental and moral development, and instilled in them hard work and respect for elders. For many centuries, our women have perfected the moral norms of behavior and passed them down from generation to generation. There is a special mention of these in the book «Worshipping Mother-worshipping a sacred Person» by our Hero Arkadag Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

Preventive Diplomacy-the foundation of prosperous future

Committed to the lofty goals of humanity, the ancient traditions of Turkmen people are spread throughout the world as a policy of neutrality aimed at ensuring peace and security throughout the world. Recently, the good news from the headquarters of the United Nations once again highlighted the content of our policy of permanent neutrality. Unanimous adoption of the Resolution «Location of the United Nations Regional Center for Preventive Diplomacy for Central Asia» on the initiative of Turkmenistan was recognized as a great success of Turkmen diplomacy. 31 years ago, on March 2, 1992, the Turkmen people became a full member of the United Nations, the world's largest humanitarian public organization. The creative character of our Neutrality, based on the national wisdom of our fathers, and the principles laid on its foundation, have been reflected in the multilateral diplomacy of the state. Preventive diplomacy is one of such trends.

Turkmen hospitality: organizational-legal development of tourism affairs

Under the leadership of our Esteemed President, our permanently Neutral country Turkmenistan is making great developments. In our country, the national historical, cultural and natural heritage, environmental protection, the right of everyone to rest, a favorable environment and cultural life are guaranteed by law. Thus, the necessary work is being carried out to develop the tourism infrastructure in our country. Currently, tourism is part of the socio-economic complex and is becoming a widely developed industry in many countries. Every seventh job in the world is considered as tourism affairs. The volume of income from international tourism is increasing. Turkmenistan has all the necessary conditions for the development of various types of tourism, special attention is paid to the comprehensive development of national tourism. Legal documents in this area are being developed to strengthen its legal framework. The Constitution of Turkmenistan, which has the legal basis of legislation in our country, contains a legal norm that the state promotes the development of international cooperation in the field of tourism. The legal basis for the development of tourism is strengthened on the basis of legislation arising from this norm. This is clearly evidenced by the implementation of the Law of Turkmenistan «On Tourism», which defines the legal, economic, social and organizational fou

Glorification of Novruz by Magtymguly pyragy, the great turkmen poet

Gurbanguly BERDIMUHAMEDOV, Hero Arkadag, the Chairman of Khalk Maslakhaty of Turkmenistan: — Novruz is the national holiday of the Turkmen people celebrated since the ancient times. Our ancestors who celebrated Novruz as the symbol of revival and the beginning of new life considered it as the source of happiness and abundance.

The secret of ancient Nisa

On the political map of the ancient world, the historical province called Parthia was located in South Turkmenistan. The Great Parthian kingdom was later formed on its basis. This state later consolidated a large geographical area and competed with Ancient Rome. Parthia is known to have had different capital cities at different times. But Nisaya has always been Parthia's «sallanchag» - the city where the state was founded, its spiritual and historical capital. It was one of the most powerful states that shook the ancient world. It was founded in Parthia, one of the satrapies (provinces) of the Seleucid State in 247 BC by Arsak I, the head of the Parn tribe and his brother Tridatus. Parthia lived for almost 500 years and it fell in 224 AD and disappeared from the scene of history. Over the centuries, information about him has faded. According to this, there are different views in science about the foundation of Parthia, the exact dates of its origin and trial, and the origin of the Arsaki dynasty.

Legislative reflection of the cultural heritage of the turkmen people

Culture is one of the most important areas of public policy. In this regard, every success in the field of culture includes a whole set of different social goals. The cultural heritage of the Turkmen people is reflected in the Constitution of Turkmenistan and the laws and other regulatory legal acts. As provided for in Articles 15 and 16 of the Constitution of Turkmenistan, «The state is responsible for the preservation of national historical, cultural and natural heritage, the preservation of the environment, and the maintenance of equality between social and national communities. The state encourages scientific, technical and artistic creativity and the dissemination of its positive results. The state promotes the development of science, technical area and technology, as well as supports international cooperation in these areas. The state's science and technology policy is in the interest of society and everyone». The content of this concept includes human intellectual work, inventions created by works of art, industrial designs, goods, service symbols, as well as works of science, literature etc.

Considering universal welfare and peace

Under the leadership of our dear Arkadag Serdar, the international authority of the state of Turkmenistan is advancing. This is clearly shown by the fact that the initiatives promoted by our country are supported in the international arena. As we know, on March 2, our Esteemed President Serdar Berdimuhamedov was on a working visit to the Republic of Azerbaijan to participate in the summit of the Communication Group of the Non-Aligned Movement to fight against COVID-19. This summit of the Non-Aligned Movement is dedicated to the infectious disease that has afflicted the world in recent years - COVID-19, because this infection has caused great damage to the normal economy of the world. It caused a significant decline in the functioning of all systems of the world economy. A global crisis has emerged in the international arena. The National Leader of the Turkmen people, The Chairman of the Halk Maslahaty of Turkmenistan, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, at the summit of the Coordination Group of the Non-Aligned Movement to fight against the COVID-19 infection held in May of 2020 dedicated to fighting against the corona-virus infection through digital networks, said that the beginning of the strategy of joint actions in overcoming this global crisis is very important and he is proud of it.

Happy youth and new historical epoch

«Happy youth with Arkadag Serdar» — the motto Turkmenistan has chosen for the year 2023 once again reaffirms the trust and faith bestowed by the nation upon the young generation who are called upon to preserve the inherited accomplishments of predecessors and take the country to the new horizons of development in the historical period of national development called «Revival of the New Epoch of the Powerful State». This decision has been primarily preconditioned by the consistent, comprehensive, and, most importantly longstanding practical activities of the state aimed at shaping the individual growth of young Turkmen citizens, creating all necessary opportunities for strengthening their intellectual, creative and spiritual potential in the interests of society and the state. In this regard, it is important to underscore that during the years of sovereign development, Turkmenistan has gradually laid the foundation for further reinforcement of the state youth policy and managed to create the necessary prerequisites for the active involvement of young citizens in the socio-economic and political life of the country. As a result, today we see that having invested in young people on a long-term basis, our society has successfully fulfilled the main tasks assigned to it in this regard. Esteemed President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov in his inaugural speech confirmed his com

Аrkadag city: a grandiose urban development project in Turkmenistan

The new, modern administration center of Ahal velayat, which is being built in the sacred historical land of our courageous ancestors, in the Gokdepe district of Ahal velayat, enters the history of independence of the country as a new page. At present, the architectural image of the modern city reflects the rapid social and economic development of the Motherland, our national heritage, spiritual values, and the rich history and cultural traditions of our people. The «smart» city concept, based on the scientific and theoretical views of our Hero Arkadag, reflected in the appropriate forms and buildings under construction, is actually at the forefront of the world’s urban development experience.

Magtymguly Pyragy’s poems

The words of our Hero Arkadag who wrote: «Not only the Turkmen people but also the other nations of the whole world pay a great respect to the poetic world of Magtymguly Pyragy» really characterize the talent of this great Turkmen poet. The poetry of Magtymguly Pyragy, the great Turkmen poet and thinker became a new landmark in the development of the Turkmen literary language and literature. The truthful description of the life of the Turkmen people and important problems of the Turkmen society of that time, humanistic ideas put forward, exposure of bad deeds and praising in songs good characteristic traits of people have become the magnetic force of Magtymguly’s poetry. The collections of Magtymguly’s poems have been published for several times. Hundreds of articles have been published in newspapers, magazines and other issues in our country and abroad. Scientific conferences dedicated to the study of Magtymguly’s poetry have been held regularly.  Magtymguly, the classic Turkmen poet of the 18th century, according to existing scientific informations was born in 1724 in the village of Hajygowshan located near the Gurgen River. Magtymguly was from the Gerkez group of the Gokleng tribe of Turkmens. His unique talent raised his authority and popularity of his poetry beginning from the 19th century. 

Sultan of saints

When we think about the city of Koneurgench, the capital of the state whose reputation once spread to seven continents, we realize that in the past, Koneurgench was a great cultural centre of Oghuz Turkmens, a flourishing place of science, culture, and art. This land is a holy land that gave birth to great thinkers, world-famous scientists, masters, and poets. The great buildings of the past! The mysterious pages of history tell many strange and mysterious stories about those buildings. Those stories about the great buildings of the ancient Koneurgench, the information that looks like fairy tales compared to today's view, correspond to the time when the fiery heels of fierce enemies did not yet tread on this land. In fact, they are cited not only in the memoirs of one or two historians, but in many books.

Turkmenistan-Emirates: the new page of co-operation

The relations between Turkmenistan and the United Arab Emirates are developed rapidly in bilateral and multi-lateral forms within the limits of regional and international organizations. The official visit to the United Arab Emirates and high level talks of our Esteemed President Serdar Berdimuhamedov on 21-22 of November were aimed at opening new, important pages in interstate relations. As we know, during the visit with participation of delegates of the two countries the bilateral talks of the high level with widened structure were held. As it was noted by the President of the UAE the effective foreign policy and creative initiatives of Neutral Turkmenistan widely recognized by the world community are fully supported. The two friendly countries which are the states having rich natural resources, conveniently located geographically, developing at high rates, all of them open great opportunities for mutually beneficial co-operation in the trade-economic sphere. In order to use fruitfully the existing opportunities in this trend an important place is given to the Joint Committee and the Business Council formed for co-operation between the Trade-industry Establishment of Turkmenistan and with the Federation of Trade-industry Establishments of the United Arab Emirates.

Permanent Neutrality of Turkmenistan: peace, trust and universal development

Achievements in the spheres of policy, culture and economy, progress and development as well as international authority that have been gained by our country since the day when international status of Permanent Neutrality of Turkmenistan was recognized by the Resolution adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization with unanimous support of 185 world states, has shown the correctness of the way chosen by our state. Within that period of time, Turkmenistan took upon itself a heavy burden of maintenance of peace both in the region and the whole world and carried out vast activities in this sphere. Turkmenistan, relying on tasks and objectives originating from its legal status of Permanent Neutrality, carries out large-scope activities concerning providing and maintenance of universal peace, global safety and sustainable development and thus, significantly widens the scope of mutually beneficial cooperation with foreign states as well as international organizations. This is completely witnessed by the fact that Turkmenistan, up to present moment, has been maintaining diplomatic relations with numerous states and has been actively participating in the activity of major international organizations as their member.