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“A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life”

The necktie, a timeless and versatile accessory, has been a staple of men's fashion for centuries. This slender strip of fabric, worn around the neck and neatly knotted, adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to formal and semiformal attire. Let's explore the fascinating history and evolution of the necktie. Origins and Early History:


What do you know about rose flowers? Where do you see them? Do you see them being given as a gift? Do you cultivate them? Roses have many benefits that people should know about.


The old writer said a wonderful phrase that life is not the days we lived, but the moments were member. The opening ceremony of Arkadag City on June 29 in the Happy Youth with Arkadag Serdar Year is a memorable moment in the life of all Turkmen people and writtening olden letter son the pages of Turkmen history. On that day, the media is not only our country, but also the world focused on Arkadag City. On March 4, 2019, the Resolution of our Hero Arkadag on the construction of anew city was adopted. On April 10 of the same year, the ground breaking ceremony of Arkadag City took place. The construction of a smart city equipped with modern digital technologies in such a short period vividly illustrates the concern for the people of our country. 336 buildings and facilities, including residential buildings with amenities, achildren’s health and rehabilitation centre with state of the art equipment, hospitals, secondary schools, kindergartens, office buildings, engineering systems and other important facilities were built and put into operation at the first construction stage. More specifically, 11 public buildings, 25 office buildings, 19 educational institutions, 258 residential buildings and 9 health care and sports facilities were built. The construction of 14 engineering systems and facilities testifies to the large scale of the project as well.

Inside the UN goal to cut plastic pollution by 80% by 2040

Plastic pollution could be slashed by 80% by 2040, according to a new report by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP). Plastic pollution is a scourge that affects every part of the world, from the Arctic to the oceans, and the air we breathe. It’s even changing ecosystems. Scientists recently found rocks made from plastic on a remote Brazilian island and there is now so much plastic swirling in parts of the Pacific Ocean that communities of coastal creatures are thriving on it, thousands of miles from their home.

A chilled delight that stands the test of time

Ice cream, the delightful frozen dessert loved by people of all ages, has a fascinating history that spans centuries. From its humble origins to its evolution into a worldwide phenomenon, the story of ice cream is as rich and diverse as the flavours it offers. In this article, we will delve into the captivating history of ice cream, tracing its journey through time and exploring its cultural significance.  The origins of ice cream can be traced back to ancient civilizations. It is believed that the Chinese were the first to create a rudimentary form of ice cream around 200 BC. They mixed snow with rice or milk to create a frozen treat. Similar creations were also enjoyed by the Persians, Greeks, and Romans, who flavoured their icy desserts with honey and fruits.


EXPLORING ACTIVITIES AND CREATING MEMORIES Summer vacations present an ideal opportunity to explore new places and immerse ourselves in different cultures. Traveling allows us to broaden our perspectives, learn about diverse traditions, and create lasting memories.


The evolution of air conditioning ILLNESSES AND DISCOMFORT


In Turkmenistan, special attention is paid to youth entrepreneurship. One of the state policy priorities is to support and encourage youth entrepreneurship. Today, the need to intensify youth initiatives in the state and public life is not only a way to create employment opportunities for the population, but also an important area of the social and economic development of the country.  In the modern epoch, the role of small and medium sized businesses in Turkmenistan’s economy is increasing from year to year. The programmes that set forth the main areas of support for small and medium sized businesses and young entrepreneurs are the Revival of the New Epoch of the Powerful State: National Social and Economic Development Programme of Turkmenistan for 20222052, the Social and Economic Development Programme of the President of Turkmenistan for 20222028 and the State Programme to Support Small and Medium Sized Businesses for 20182024.


What do you do when you want to relax? Or what do you do when you want to spend your time with your friends? You probably invite them for tea or coffee, right? Some people say tea is an excuse to spend time with people. Actually, it is one of the most incredible discoveries on earth, because when you want to see some one or talk to someone, you invite them for tea. Moreover, this is so nice to make tea for your parents or the elders after they have sat down and relaxed. So, what do you know about the history of tea?  Many of you know that the history of tea began in China. According to legend, the Chinese emperor Shen Nung was sit ting beneath a tree and his servant was boiling drinking water, when some leaves from the tree blew into the pot. Shen Nung, who was a renowned herbalist, decided to try the infusion that his servant had prepared accidentally. So let’s learn some facts about tea:

«BUILD A CITY, and let its windows be wide...»

Although the poet wrote these lines about half a century ago, he seems to have a clear vision that high rise towering buildings will be constructed in his homeland in the future. The number of socially beneficial projects being carried out in the country, especially the transformations related to the construction of modern buildings and residential houses, is increasing every year. This is not the case with respect to one or several specific areas of the national economy and social system, but it produces positive results in relation to the performance of all structural sectors. We see it primarily in the high buildings that are glittering with light, which are the examples of all the developments and reforms. The architectural art of the hardworking Turkmen people, which creates a harmonious combination of modernity, elements of national art and classical styles, dates distant past. The house construction and amazing national art, which spread the fame of the Turkmens through out the world with the Jeitun culture, had been further improved, and are even to day actively applied in modern buildings and facilities. Our people, who set a white yurt and gave feasts for the guests with great hospitality in ancient times, today strike the imagination of world nations with their white marble buildings, and welcome the guests to discuss the solution to regional and international proble

About spring...

When one flower blooms, spring awakens everywhere.


MY MASTERPIECE You are greater than all of the aims,


America celebrates its very special day – National Oreo Cookie Day on March 6 every year. They love a good cookie. And good cookies stem from the classics.  In fact, one of our absolute favorites is a timeless classic: the Oreo. With crisp chocolate cookies and creamy filling, these little cookies have captured our hearts and our stomachs. The Oreo was first introduced in 1912 and it has been the best-selling cookie in America ever since. We love to dunk them, twist them, and straight up take a bite. Here’’s to the delicious Oreo! The late Sam J. Porcello, a former Nabisco food scientist, is known for his work in terms of the modern Oreo cookie, which has been a creamy favorite snack for decades. This cookie creation is without a doubt one of his most notable achievements in his 34 years at Nabisco. And frankly, we believe that life has been sweeter ever since, since we at National Today just cannot get enough! The Oreo cookie is nearly 108 years old, and is enjoyed by cookie lovers of all ages across the globe.

A cup of coffee?

Do you like drinking coffee? If someone offers you a cup of coffee or tea, which would you choose? Certainly, it is almost impossible to imagine our day without coffee, but some people don’t know the benefits of drinking coffee and talk about its negative effects. It is false! Here is some good news for those who drinks coffee. The case for coffee is stronger than ever. So what are the top benefits of drinking coffee?

Digital education system

In the Year “Happy Youth with Arkadag Serdar”, the improvement of the national scientific and education systems and the upbringing of scientifically-educated, highly qualified personalities for the present and future development of our life in line with the best international practices continue through the efforts of our esteemed President Serdar Berdimuhamedov. Today Turkmen young people study, learn foreign languages and different subjects, enrich their knowledge and conduct research at the modern universities and institutes equipped with smart high technologies. We have modern and advanced opportunities to improve the scientific and education systems of our country. Nowadays a digital education system or digital learning has the main place in the world. Digital education is the ingenious use of digital technologies and tools throughout teaching and learning and is frequently known as Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) or digital learning. Digital learning is facilitated by technology that offers students some control over place, time, pace and path. Digital learning is replacing traditional educational procedures more and more each day. 

So choose yourself: being multilingual or not?

Language is a vital part of human connection. Although all species have their ways of communicating, humans are the only ones that have mastered cognitive language communication. Actually, language allows us to share our ideas, thoughts, and feelings with others. There are some benefits of learning a second language. Learning a language strengthens the area of the brain which is responsible for memory, speech and sensory perception. Bilingual people are better at retaining lists, sequences, names and directions. They are also more creative, perceptive and can concentrate for longer.

When Novruz comes…

Early in the morning, the sparrow sings so beautifully… It is the messenger of nature’s awakening and clear to all animals, big and small. As is known, spring is the season of resurrection and renewal. Resurrection is certainly a celebration. The Turkmen people will celebrate the national holiday of Novruz – with great enthusiasm and inspiration in a few days. There is another messenger of the resurrection known to everybody – semeni. When the Turkmen people say «semeni», the Novruz holiday is the first to come to mind. Even if we know more or less about other nations that celebrate this holiday, what do they think of when they hear «Novruz» and what actions come to their mind? Let’s try to answer briefly this question.


The World Radio Day is celebrated every year on February 13 to mark the important role that radio plays in our lives and society. The day was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assemb ly in 2012, and its history can be traced back to the first International Radio Conference in Geneva in 1974. February 13 was chosen as World Radio Day as it is the day that the United Nations established the United Nations Radio in 1946. An Ita li an physicist and inven tor Gug li el mo Marconi invented the radio in 1895. Heis cre di ted with being the first to develop the practical and effective wireless communication system, which laid the foundation for the widespre ad use of radiotechnology. Radio quickly became one of the most powerful tools of communication of the 20th century, revolutionising the way people received and shared information. Radio broadcasting became a vital source of news, entertain ment and educational content, connecting communities and promoting understanding across borders.Radio continues to play a significant role in our lives today, serving as a source of information and entertainment and helping connect people around theworld. The significance of the World Radio Day lies in the unique power of radio as a medium of communication.Radio is a fast, accessible and affordable way to reach large audiences, making it an ideal tool for sharing information, ra

7 Tendency in Digital Systems

All of us should understand that technology plays an increasingly important role in today’s human interaction and in the business sector, which enables us to provide basic services to the public. With continuous improvement in technology and the rapid growth of e-commerce, the transition of production processes to a new stage has a sharp impact on the way citizens work, trade and buy goods. Digital migration is leading to a growing number of people who are switching to digital technologies in many areas of daily life. Today, technology is driving innovation to improve information processing and communication efficiency in all areas and providing a trusted experience in public service delivery. Let’s take a look at seven trends dominating the digital ecosystem. 1.Proper data management Building a data-driven culture is critical to implementing digital initiatives because digital transformation is not limited to technologies. This is modern decision making.


One of the sages said: “Music reveals all the heights of the human soul to a man”. Afer they are created, songs and music harmoniously highlight the perfect emotions of all humankind. The songs created in the homeland and based on the national identity charm all humankind. Turkmen music, dif e rent from melodies of other nations, has been the focus of attention of the scholars who study arts since ancient times and come down to our days through mentorship. The homeland is the holy place for a person. That is why music created by the Turkmen composers delicately expresses the national identity of our people and the devotion of our younger generations to sacred values. From the first days of the school of Turkmen composers until the present time, the majority of national works based on folk songs and music and sources of folklore has been absorbing a sense of patriotism. Folk music processed by the composers and the special use of their tunes contribute to enriching musical art and increasing the works created in the national style. In his book “Baghshis are the Harbingers of National Happiness”, the National Leader of the Turkmen people wrote: “Musical art, bequeathed to us by the great Turkmen classics, lives over millennia, enriches itself and always remains deep, substantial and modern. It teaches us, listeners, to love our homeland, does not allow indifference and makes our