She will live Forever in our Hearts

13 April 2023

The Turkmen people accepted the death of Ogulabat Berdimuhamedova, the mother of the National Leader of the Turkmen people, of our Hero Arkadag,  the grandmother of our Esteemed President Serdar Berdimuhamedov,  with great sadness. This person, who embodies the holiness of the mother, was an inexhaustible gift to the life of our people and an inexhaustible love to their hearts. She, who only wanted good for her country, had good qualities, who was an example to women and girls throughout her life, will live forever in our hearts and minds as a model of statehood and noble humanity.

As it is known, we believe that there is always the wisdom of the Almighty in the blessed month of Ramadan. There must be some wisdom in the fact that our sister-in-law, like Malikguly Aga, moved the ruler of the months to eternity in this blessed month. They were the chosen servants of the Almighty, the bestowers of goodness. The people regarded these people as saints, and their grown-up sons are accepted them as their Heroes, national, and Heads of state. Our great mother gave to the Turkmen country honourable children who will be the head of the state and bring together the nation in a great nation without neglecting such qualities as contentment, statesmanship, noble humanity, love for the fatherland, loyalty to the family hearth. In addition, she became an exemplary guide for the future generations with her unique image of a Turkmen woman. As our Hero Arkadag said in his book: «My mother's love - my love for holiness»: «Mothers are always with their children, they live in their hearts, even if they say goodbye to the bright world», they showed a never-to-be-forgotten example of the nation, their insatiable happiness, statehood, and bright memories.