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The youth are the future of the country

Turkmenistan creates ample opportunities for the younger generations to be smart, healthy, broad-minded, and skilful professionals. The President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov set a priority goal to establish the necessary conditions for the youth to continue the development and transformations in the revival of the new epoch of the powerful state. The work on attracting young people to the development of the national economy is implemented within the youth policy in our independent, permanently neutral country. In this context, the goals defined in the State Programme on State Youth Policy in Turkmenistan for 2021–2025, as well as in the Concept of Digital Economy Development in Turkmenistan for 2019–2025 and other relevant programmes and plans, meet the requirements of the times.

The poetry by the great thinker

The noble personality and intelligent creativity of Magtymguly Pyragy have a special place in the centuries-old history of the rich cultural heritage of the Turkmen people, as well as in the literary world of the East. Thus, the great poet and thinker made an invaluable contribution to the world culture and to the philosophy of the Turkmen people. The wise poet loved the country with all his heart and devoted his whole life to the Motherland and its well-being. Thus, the poems about the Motherland, country, and unity occupy the most prominent place among the poet's works. Magtymguly Pyragy composed a great number of poems addressing these issues. Magtymguly wrote the poems of educational character, which foster the humane qualities in young people. In these poems, he aimed to give noble advices to his contemporaries. The poet called them to being brave, generous, kind, open-handed, hospitable, and condemned those who are rude, unscrupulous, arrogant, and bad-tempered.

Languages build the bridges of friendship

The Turkmen people have a wise saying ‘One who speaks only one language is one person, but one who speaks two languages is two people’. Our ancestors learnt other languages along with their mother tongue. Many poets and scientists created in the Arabic, Persian, Hindi, and German languages. This tradition comes from the times of our ancestors and has special importance thanks to the President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov in the revival of the new epoch of the powerful state. Multilingualism is emerging in the country. For example, a number of students of Magtymguly Turkmen State University speak 3-4 languages fluently. The President of Turkmenistan instructed to learn the English, Russian, Chinese and German languages not only in the field of linguistics, but also in other fields such as technology and economics. To date, excellent conditions and opportunities are created to implement this task in our country.

The country of happy children

World Children's Day is widely celebrated in many countries, including in Turkmenistan, on the first day of summer – June 1. This date has been added to the list of national holidays to indicate the concern for the younger generations in our country. Thanks to the wise policy of the President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov, large-scale work is underway to educate the smart, well-mannered, patriotic and bright children, who represent the future of our country and the happiness of life in our Motherland, where all dreams come true. Comprehensive concern for children, their well-being and harmonious development is a priority of the state policy in the independent, permanently neutral Turkmenistan. This policy reflects the humanistic principles and great spiritual and moral values of the Turkmen people.

Our white city, Ashgabat

Ashgabat, the white marble capital of our Motherland, has a splendid appearance nowadays. Moreover, the celebration of the Ashgabat City Day demonstrated the potential of the Turkmen capital to the world. The festive events were organized in all corners of the capital, and beautiful music created a wonderful atmosphere. Our white city, Ashgabat, is becoming more beautiful thanks to the concern of our Hero-Arkadag Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and the President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov. It should be noted that Ashgabat has become a large centre of sports.

The winners are known

The physical culture, sports and health movement in our country gained a wide scope thanks to the great concern of the President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov. In Turkmenistan, it has become a noble tradition to hold the sports events that bring together thousands of people of all ages and professions. Special attention is attached to the development of high-level sports, to the preparation of skilful athletes, coaches, and other related professionals. The Turkmen athletes take part in large international events, win prizes and medals, including in gold medals, on a regular basis. This fact enhances the international prestige of our country as a sports power. The Youth and Junior Weightlifting Championships of Turkmenistan were held recently. The Turkmen weightlifters demonstrated their skills and qualified for the 2023 Asian Youth and Junior Weightlifting Championships to be held in India this summer. Ogulgerek, Medine and Ogulshat, daughters and athletes coached by Gurbandurdy Amanov, triumphed in the women's tournament. All three of them won the title of champion of the country and valuable gifts from the sponsors of the tournament. These three champions will represent Turkmenistan at the Asian Championships.

Ashgabat gives inspiration

Our white marble capital has become one of the most beautiful and liveable cities in the eyes of the international community thanks to the historic transformations in the revival of the new epoch of the powerful state. Our white marble Ashgabat captivates with its beauty. A number of unique facilities of the Turkmen capital were included in the Guinness World Records and provoked pride of our compatriots. A number of cultural and social buildings and facilities in our country are called in honour of the capital. Ashgabat has confidently established itself in the status of a recognised centre of fruitful cooperation in sports, which has become a venue for major regional and worldclass competitions. A vivid example of this is the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, held in 2017 on the arenas of the capital’s Olympic Complex and crowned with a real triumph.

The country of health

Following the motto ‘Public Health is National Wealth’, large-scale work is being implemented in our country to improve the health system and to modernize its infrastructure. The Saglyk State Programme defines the current and future goals and objectives on the path of fundamental transformations in the health system. The large-scale work on improving the national health system, extending the life expectancy, promoting the principles of a healthy lifestyle, and developing sports indicates the success of the state policy implemented under the wise leadership of the President of Turkmenistan for the welfare of the people. The health of our people is the main wealth in our country.

Medicinal plant

The beautiful Turkmen soil is the home to medicinal plants that are a cure for thousand diseases. The multi-volume encyclopaedic work ‘Medicinal Plants of Turkmenistan’ by our Hero-Arkadag Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov describes in detail thousands of species of medicinal plants growing in our country and used by our ancestors since ancient times and their benefits. One of those plants is liquorice. Being one of the oldest medicinal plants in the history of medicine, liquorice has 4 species growing in our country and 15 species vegetating in the world. In folk medicine, the liquorice root is used in the treatment of internal diseases, cough, kidney, upper respiratory tract and duodenal diseases. According to the World Health Organization, this plant is one of the most important constituents.

Health is wealth

Great initiatives and positive transformations in the field of physical culture and sports launched by our Hero-Arkadag Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov are implemented under the leadership of the President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov. This work is underway at a strong pace in the revival of the new epoch of the powerful state. Turkmenistan has a perfect legislature in the field of physical culture and sports, as well as in other spheres, to regulate and create a standardized system. The main goals of the principles of a healthy lifestyle introduced in our country under the leadership of the President of Turkmenistan are to protect the national health, to boots physical strength of people, to encourage our youth to do sports, and to educate them in the spirit of patriotism. Moreover, physical culture and sports are the main conditions for the strong human health and for the development of qualities.

Festive sports events

The volleyball and chess events were held in the sports hall at the Gokdepe Etrap secondary school 10. The teams of the Etrap secondary schools took part in these events, which were dedicated to the Day of the Constitution and the State Flag of Turkmenistan. The events were jointly organized by the Etrap Council of the Trade Union of Science and Education Workers, the Etrap Physical Culture and Sports Department and the Etrap Education Department. Thus, the competitions attracted great interest from the start. The best teams of the volleyball and chess events were determined in a close competition. The teams of the Etrap secondary schools 10, 20 and 32 entered the top three.

A brilliant victory

An international basketball tournament for students was held in Baku, Azerbaijan. The tournament was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Heydar Aliyev. The men's national team of Turkmenistan took part in the event. The athletes from 7 countries, namely, Turkmenistan, the Russian Federation, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Uzbekistan and the Republic of Belarus, played in the prestigious tournament.

Preparation for the Asian Championships

The wrestlers from Turkmenistan will perform at the Asian Belt Wrestling Championships to be held in the city of Jizzakh, Uzbekistan, on May 20–25. The tournament will gather the strongest wrestlers from 20 countries of the region. The delegation of Turkmenistan will include 43 members, who will take part in the Championships. 33 athletes and 6 coaches will represent our country.

The role of books in education

It should be noted that science and literature play an important role in the education of the younger generations. Our ancestors educated of the smart youth and created the principles of education and upbringing. The main principles were social conduct, manners, learning, as well as the habit of reading books. Thus, the Turkmen people created many famous books and wonderful works in their glorious history. In this context, it should be noted that our thinkers, poets, and scientists left a great mark on the past. Thanks to the tireless work and talent of these thinkers and scientists, many historic books were written and distributed to the world. This fact had a positive effect on the development of science and education, and on the education of many generations.

Open Championship

The U12 Ashgabat Open Tennis Championship was held at the Tennis Complex in the Olympic Village in the Turkmen capital. The tournament was organized as a part of preparation for the Central Asian Youth Tennis Championship, which will be held in the first days of June this year. About 100 athletes from the capital and regions of the country took part in the tournament, which was organized jointly by the Tennis Federation of Turkmenistan and the Ashgabat Main Department on Physical Culture and Sports.

Brilliant success

The Turkmen athlete Medine Amanova won the second medal for the team of Turkmenistan at the 2023 Asian Weightlifting Championships held in Jinju, South Gyeongsang Province, the Republic of Korea, on May 5–13. The Turkmen athlete competed in the 64-kilogramme weight class event. She lifted 90 kilogrammes in the snatch event, 117 kilogrammes in the clean and jerk event, and won a silver medal at this prestigious international tournament.

Useful plant

Being widely used as a medicinal plant in folk medicine since ancient times, camomile grows in many countries of the world and has many benefits for the human health. It is one of the most widely used plants for making herbal teas. It is recommended to harvest camomile without roots when it begins to bloom. The shampoos made from the flowers of the plant have a positive effect on the hair. The flowers of camomile are added to various ointments as an anti-allergic agent. The essential oils of the plant are widely used in perfumery.

Our winged horses

The festive horse racing events were held at the Dashoguz Equestrian Sports Complex and were dedicated to Turkmen Horse Day. 8 events were organized at the distance of 1000 and 1800 metres.

A healthy generation has a bright future

The education of the younger generations is always the focus of the President of Turkmenistan and the National Leader of the Turkmen people, our Hero-Arkadag. The National Leader of the Turkmen people, our Hero-Arkadag Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov emphasized this issue at the meeting of the Halk Maslahaty of Turkmenistan held on April 20. Our Hero-Arkadag noted that thanks to the great work on improving the education system of the country, a number of new schools were built and put into operation, and the sports fields with the necessary equipment were provided to create excellent conditions for the younger generations to receive a proper education. The National Leader of the Turkmen people noted that according to the principle ‘public health is national wealth’, a healthy society forms the basis of a prosperous country.

Excellent results

Amanmuhammet Hommadov and Lala Shohradova won the second place at the 2023 Asian U18 Mixed Doubles Chess Championship. 42 athletes from 21 countries took part in the tournament, which was held online. The Turkmen chess players were 1 point inferior to the national team of Indonesia, which won the gold medal at the tournament. The Turkmen youth won 15 out of 18 possible points at the Championship. The national team of the Philippines entered the top three, followed by the teams of Sri Lanka, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, India, Bangladesh, and Malaysia.