"Standart, hil we howpsuzlyk" žurnaly

Founder: Turkmen Standards Information Center
Adress: 201 Oguzkhan Street, Ashgabat
Telephones: 39-25-76


The main goal is security

The Department of State Surveillance carries out state control over the quality of works and services, compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents on standards and standardization. Conducts certification work of testing laboratories. Performs certification work of existing production facilities, production complexes and services. The work is carried out in accordance with the item «Distribution of works on certification of enterprises in accordance with the requirements of international standards related to the quality control system and environmental protection» of «Programs of social and economic development of Turkmenistan for 2019 — 2025 of the President of Turkmenistan». In 2021, the TDS-ISO 9001:2015 (E) certificate of quality compliance was registered for transport and logistics services in the oil and gas system of the private enterprise «Dag deňiz» according to the requirements of international standards.

Wheat and quality

In the prosperous epoch of a powerful state, under the tireless efforts of the distinguished President, significant work is being carried out to develop the agricultural sector of our country. As a result of the tireless and pure work of the brave farmers, a plentiful crop of dense wheat is grown every year, that is the abundance of our table and the source of life. In the year «Turkmenistan — Homeland of peace and trust», brave farmers from all velayats of our Land came ready for the harvest. Thanks to the great initiatives of the wise Arkadag, in the prosperous epoch of a powerful state, giving a plot to the true owners, the positive solution of problems with water and fertilizers, the provision of high-quality grain to farmers, the purchase of foreign equipment that meets land and air conditions, created ample opportunities for a high wheat harvest. Specialists of the Central Laboratory of the State Service «Turkmenstandartlary» Akhal velayat and the city of Ashgabat contributed to ensuring uninterrupted wheat harvesting.

Water is a valuable property

Our ancestors respected and rationally used water resources. Water is a primary necessity not only in the lives of people, but also in the lives of plants and animals. In this regard, our ancestors created numerous proverbs, such as «A drop of water is a grain of gold», «Soil is a treasure, water is a diamond», «Water decorates the earth, the swan decorates the water», «Water places are beautiful, waterless places are a desert» and we tried to observe them. This approach is due to the environmental conditions and the acute shortage of water for our people. That is why our people followed the traditions of farmers and could have a plentiful harvest with less water, could provide themselves with a normal way of life. They have gained valuable experience in the use of rainwater. Our wise forefathers, having gained valuable experience in the construction of water structures since ancient times, built such wonderful irrigation structures as the dam, jykyr, well, kariz, sardoba. They built Soltanbent, Gowshutbent in Murgap, Garribent on the Tejen River. They could water the arable land by raising the water higher with the help of dams. Our people used jykyr in the Dashoguz region and the Amuderya region to irrigate medium-sized arable land. They built a kariz to irrigate arable land in the mountainous areas of Ahal. Kariz is an underground irrigation facility made by hand, which incl

Reliable experiment — high quality

The experimental department of light textile industry and furniture products of the Experimental laboratory of the state service «Turkmenstandartlary» of the Мary velayat, respectively conducts experiments with various types of clothing, knitwear and furniture products imported from foreign countries and produced in our country. Large-scale changes are being made in all areas of our country, as well as in the standardization system. Achieving high quality of work and services, products imported from foreign countries and produced in our country is one of the main tasks of this service.

Safety of production — keystone to success

Proper compliance with the requirements of technical safety and labor protection at the enterprises of the velayats is always in the attention of our employees. It is important to conduct timely technical analysis on newly constructed and reconstructed facilities. Ultimately, compliance with the occupational safety requirements of the technical methods and equipment projects implemented in these buildings is achieved. In April 2021, the 84th gas station of the Dashoguz oil Product Company was reconstructed and a new brick factory was built in the etrap of S.A.Niyazov. Employees of the Department of Labor Protection and Underground Resources conducted a technical analysis of the project documentation in these enterprises.

Legal norms for ensuring the safety gas supply

The «Program of socio-economic development of our country for 2019 — 2025 of the President of Turkmenistan» referred to the highest level of the oil and gas complex in the industry of Turkmenistan, its products occupy the first places in the country’s exports.They also spoke about the continued growth of this sector, about paying more attention to the development of modern oil refining of hydrocarbons, the introduction of advanced technologies and production facilities, the production of high-quality and competitive products. The working meeting on development of a fuel and energy complex of the country visually testifies to it spent on December, 1st, 2020 the dear President on digital visual communication. At meeting the Leader of the nation has underlined, that the fuel and energy sector is one of strategic directions of national economy and that works on its further modernization should and proceed further. The dear

Usage of electrochemicals

The formation of electrochemistry, or, in other words, the invention of chemical and electrical forms of energy, dates back to the ancient Parthian and Merv centuries. We can predict that our ancestors stored the vine and vinegar in clay or metal vessels. They saw that if you put one metal scoop in another metal container with zinc, chemical reactions occur before they come into contact. We assume that most of the alchemists lived in Turkmenistan. Because our homeland is rich in chemical elements, such as sulfur, iodine, bromine, silver, copper and others.

Some problems of export to the european union countries

In the prosperous epoch of a powerful state the increasement of export, regular development of competetiveness of high quality productions produced in our country symbolizes rapidly growth of naional economy. Achieving complience with the requirements of standards for export products is one of important goals. One of the main export directions of Turkmenistan is European Union. We are going to discuss requirements for goods exported to Europen Union. In recent days, the range of sales of agricultural products is regularly expanding. Organic products that are sold in Germany are not imported from the countries of the European Union, but from countries that are not members of it. The list of goods imported from other countries is not limited to simple agricultural products previously sold to European countries (for example, tea, coffee, and others). Now most of the goods in the markets and in stores are products supplied from abroad. For example, dry organic products are purchased in huge quantities in China. Wheat is brought from Ukraine. While the potatoes are not harvested on local farms, organic potatoes are bought in Egypt and sold in «healthy food» stores in Germany.

Ancient turkmen measurements related with hand

In ancient times, our people created units of measurement associated with the hand, elbow, and fingers. Let's talk about some of them. Finger length — the approximate height or length of one of your fingers.

Fluff decorates the child

The child is a flower of life. Bring him up and decorate is a dream of each parent. This pleasant trouble takes its roots from the early times in the life of turkmen, passes through generations and modernizes. Our foremothers fulfilled their wishes in lullabies to their children, put them to bed. They have materialized their traditions, dreams and wishes. To protect them from evil eyes, they put various kinds of fetishes, gozmonjuk, alaji, dagdans or ropes made of camel hair, chains with bells, sea shells on their necks, wrists, legs, and jumpers.

Terms related to the concepts of quality and safety in the epic «Yusup-Zuleikha» by Andalib

As you know, ensuring the safety of products, works and services, and improving their quality are among the main goals of the standardization system [1, p. 18]. Ancient concepts related to quality and standard can be found in the epic «Yusub-Zuleikha» by the classic poet of the XVII-XVIII centuries Nurmukhammet Andalib. QUALITY