Türkmeniň nusgalyk alabaýy

Founder: International Association "Turkmen Alabai Dogs"
Adress: Ashgabat, Bitarap Turkmenistan Avenue., 553/2
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In the capital in January 26 to 28, 2022 at high organizational level were held the exhibition and the International Scientifi and Practical Conference called «Turkmen Land – the Hearth of Famous Cultural Values in the World». With the videos dedicated to the national historical and cultural heritage, archaeological findings and ancient patterns such as «tazy guyruk» «it yatak» «gujuk yzy» the opening ceremony of the forum has begun. Ethnographic expositions of the capital and regions of the country with the clearly artistic orientation of various art schools such as samples of pottery, kilims, carpets and rugs, jewelry was presented at the exhibition of handicraft art which was organized in the Exhibition Hall of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. A special attention of the exhibition was given to the books of President Arkadag. An exhibition of best Turkmen Alabays on the special platform has   increased   an   effectiveness of the exhibition. The perfor- mance of Alabays made the ceremony more brightly. They have demonstrated an excellent training in the execution of commands.


On February 23, 2022, Leader of the Nation visited the Ahalteke equestrian complex of the President of Turkmenistan, located in one of the beautiful corners of the foothills of the Kopetdag. Here, the members of the International Association Turkmen Alabay dogs, asked the President to give a name to the puppy of the Turkmen Alabay, which was born on the same day as the foal named Zaman.     Esteemed President, examining the born puppy, noted that Alabay dogs, like Ahalteke horses and beautiful carpets, rooted in the depths of centu- ries, ranked among the national values of the Turkmen people. They as the symbols of harmony, beauty, tangible and intangible heritage, are important part of the culture of the Turkmen nation.

An inseparable component of the national heritage

In the final days of 2021, which was held un-der the motto «Turkmenistan – the Home of Peace and Trust», at a joint meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan and the State Security Council, the  Leader  of the Nation, having focused on the topic of the Turkmen alabay and its role in the life of Turkmens, noted that with the horses the ancestors connected their dreams and aspirations, and with alabay, which is an excellent   result   of   folk   selection prosperity.  The words of the Head of state, that people say: «It geldi – gut geldi» («The dog has come – happiness has come»), inspired the people. As the Leader of the nation emphasizes, the Turkmen alabay embodies the inherent features of the people who bred this beautiful breed, its the main features are fearlessness, courage, loyalty and patience.The Head of state also told an old legend that from the moment of birth a person is surrounded by many realities, and it is dogs that awaken good feelings in him, emphasizing that legends arise for a reason. With their devotion and courage, the Alabay have been and still the closest friends of man. The ori- gins of this friendship go back centuries.At the same time, the Leader of the nation stressed that alabay is our national pride, an inseparable part of the rich heritage. In this context, the Head of state, noting

True friend

Autumn has come. The weather has changed. A sudden downpour flooded the village in the blink of an eye. Yesterday Bagul covered the base of a large carpet. Today sister Almagul came to help her in her hard work. The day began as usual – everyone was busy with the housework in the morning. In a word, nothing foreshadowed what would break the usual regularity of life. Bagul was sitting on the trestle bed, going about her business. Having asked her sister to take out a new felt mat from the back room and spread it under the canopy of the house, she got up, and at that moment she saw what caused her blood to freeze in her veins: on the ground, right in front of the trestle bed, lay a huge cobra, which, hissing menacingly, rose to the elbow in length, preparing for the attack. “Snake!” – the girl screamed heart-rendingly. Alabay named Garagyoz, who was sleeping peacefully at that time at the door of the house, having heard the scream, at the same moment rushed to Bagul, and barking tried to drive away the dangerous stranger. A fierce battle began. A huge black snake with lightning lunges tried to hit the dog with its poisonous teeth. Garagyoz stepped on the cobra in an attempt to grab it with his mouth. Dumbfounded with horror, Bagul tried to call out to her mother, but in vain: my mother was sitting in the back room of the house with her older sister, scribbling at a noisy sewing m

Professional master of his profession

History of Turkmenistan comes from millenniums and one of its national value is loyal alabay dogs. It is impossible to imagine the doors of Turkmens without alabay dog, arwana camel and ahalteke horses. We decided to talk in detail about the Turkmen alabay, and to prepare our interview with the professional master Dovletmyrat Kurrukov as mentioned in the article’s title.–Mr Dovletmyrat lets start our conversation with the works of International «Turkmen alabay dogs» association in our country…– As a result of the important humanitarian policy pursued by our Hero Arkadag in the prosperous period of our severing state, the values inherited by our forefathers, in the development of world culture, and helping to develop the world cultures and civilization and leaving them to our next generation is main priority. In modern and sovereign Turkmenistan great attention paid to preserve the national values that our ancestors left for us, and helping to develop the world cultures and civilization and leaving them to our next generation by the efforts of our Esteemed President. International «Turkmen alabay dogs» association initiated by our Arkadag’s efforts. During previous year under the name «Turkmenistan is the Homeland of Neutrality» in May of 2020 Turkmen alabay dogs association is established to preserve the alabay dogs breed, raise the knowledge

Our pride is limitless

– Our people consider Alabay, like a horse, to be their closest and loyal friend. For many years I have been breeding Alabay. I have had an interest in Alabay since my school years. In those years, despite the fact that lived in a multi-storey building, brought Alabay puppies from the village and made special booths for them. Noticing this interest in me, my father helped me feed and walk them. Now my sons are my closest helpers. They want to continue my hobby. The awarding of honorary titles to some of the country’s dog breeders on the occasion of the Turkmen Alabay Holiday was a joyful event for us. Among them, I was also awarded the honorary title «Türkmenistanyň at gazanan itşynasy (Honored Dog Breeder of Turkmenistan)». I express my deep gratitude to our Hero Arkadag for this. I wish our national Leader, who shows great care for Turkmen dog breeders, good health, long years, further success in his large-scale activities for the benefit of the people and the prosperity of the country.

Our pride is limitless

– A significant event for us was the establishment of a holiday in honor of the Turkmen Alabay, which was celebrated for the first time this year together with the National Day of the Turkmen Horse. On these holidays, in accordance with the Decree of our Hero Arkadag, I was lucky to be awarded the honorary title «Türkmenistanyň at gazanan itşynasy (Honored Dog Breeder of Turkmenistan)». On behalf of all dog breeders of the country, I express my deep gratitude to our national Leader for the high appreciation given to our work and the conferment of the honorary title. I love dogs since childhood and have been breeding them. Now I have several Alabay. They are very brave, loyal, empathetic and hardy. The book of our Hero Arkadag «Turkmen Alabay», containing valuable information about the Alabay, is an invaluable guide for us, dog breeders. I wish health, longevity, success in work to our national Leader, under whose leadership all conditions are created for the growth and preservation of the Turkmen Alabay for future generations.


On April 25, 2021, on the occasion of the National holiday of the Turkmen horse, celebrated for the first time together with the Turkmen Alabay Day, the complex of the International Association «Türkmen alabaý itleri», in Ahal, Balkan, Dashoguz, Lebap, Mary velayats and Ashgabat city, opening ceremonies of Turkmen Alabay centers was held. The new facility was built in one of the picturesque corners of the Kopetdag foothills, since the local landscape is optimal for these purposes. On the territory of the complex, an administrative building, a building for personnel have been erected, a place for rest of employees has been arranged. There are also two utility rooms for Alabay and kennels for 20 places each, utility rooms for feeding dogs, a building for a veterinary service unit and an isolation room. In addition, for walking dogs, as well as for demonstration events, a special area with spectator stands for 1000 seats has been built. Nearby there is a training ground, separated by a fence, intended for training and training animals. There are parking lots for vehicles, including specialized ones for transporting dogs,technical and other auxiliary facilities. The tasks of the complex are to ensure the safety and comfortable keeping of dogs, prevent escaping or getting them injured, observe the vete rinarian and provide veterinary care if necessary, organize timely meals,


On April 21, 2021, the opening ceremony of the Center of the International Association of Akhal-Teke Horse Breeding and the International Association Turkmen alabay itleri» took place in the capital. This Center has become a worthy contribution to the large-scale work deployed in Turkmenistan under the leadership of our Hero Arkadag in order to preserve, study and widely popularize the world’s richest heritage of the nation. At the initiative of our national Leader, a largescale work is currently being carried out in the country aimed at glorifying the national heritage of the people – the Turkmen Alabay in the world, protecting and breeding them, preserving the population, including at the international level. All conditions have been created for a fundamental study on a scientific basis of the history of this dog breed and national characteristics that has survived to this day. The Turkmen Alabay is turning into an international symbol of loyalty and friendship. Magnificent, perfect in their beauty «paradise» horses and courageous Alabay at all times have been faithful friends and companions of the Turkmen people, their pride and priceless property. Today, the swift Akhal-Teke and the brave Alabay have become a living embodiment of the creative energy with which the Fatherland achieves unprecedented success on the path of fundamental transformations and progress.On the first

Monument constructed from words

Words from the heart book and poem of our Arkadag called “Turkmen Alabay”: Our ancestor regarded the smell of new born child, fresh bread and start of Novruz equal with the smell of Heaven. I think that the smell of the recently published book of our Arkadag also applies to this statement. As I was reading the book of our President and thought about the smell of new published book. Those feelings, for some reason, reminded me of the moments when I took part in the opening ceremony of alabay dog statue in Ashgabat capital city in 2018. This book is like masterpiece made from words. Contains valuable information about alabay dogs. Aren’t the words only thing that comes from centuries? As mentioned in book alabay is loyal friend of our people that comes from centuries. There wasn’t any book written about “Turkmen Alabay” dogs except book of our Arkadag. This word – is word that Turkmen should introduce to the world! This word – is word that Turkmen leader should share with world! This Word is as new as bread that just emerged from the tamdyr, and as ancient as a thousand-year history of the Turkmen alabay! If we consider the book as a parable, where a person was surrounded by different creatures from the very beginning of the path, and the dogs showed the greatest solidarity to him, it seems like a unique look at the entire path of the human race in this world. At the same tim

Altyndepe–is archeological heritage of dog upbringing experiences

In our country a lot of discoveries have been made about different periods, revealing valuable information about the historical traces of the Turkmen alabay and origins of national experiences in breeding them. Among them, the archeological heritage of the Altyndepe monument is of particular importance. Altyndepe historical civilization located in 3km east of Mane village in Kaka etrap of Ahal velayat. This civilization created among ancient Mane and Chache rivers, place where farming and animal domestication is prevailed. About this civilization Academic V.M. Masson mentions in his writing “Altyndepe” scientific monography about this civilization’s emergence, life standards and its prosper period. Starting from the second half of the 5th millennium BC near the Mane and Chache rivers farming, cultivation started by people. As result of it the largest settlements of antiquity Altyndepe and Yylgyndepe civilizations emerged. Archeological findings from Altyndepe does not only represent to our countries past, it is also very helpful to learn historical background of Central Asia countries. This is because of the fact that Altyndepe is one of the first places that used bronze metal in history. The introduction and use of bronze metal by the human race have caused a change in the development of world cultures. Therefore, the findings found about the first use of bronze metal in Altyn


One of the priorities of the state policy of Turkmenistan, consistently implemented by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, is the preservation and popularization of the historical and cultural national heritage in the world. An important aspect of the large-scale work carried out in this area is the development of the selection of Turkmen alabay and an increase in the number of this unique breed. On May 2020, the International Association Turkmen Alabay dogs was established, the main goal of which is to continue the best traditions of the national school of dog breeding, using methods of folk selection and modern scientific achievements to improve the most valuable qualities that distinguish Turkmen Alabay from many other breeds of dogs. On August 31, 2020, in Ashgabat, the constituent meeting of the International Association Turkmen Alabay dogs was held online in Ashgabat, in which I took part on behalf of the Cynological Federation of Georgia. I would like to thank again for the opportunity given to me to take part in this event and to congratulate Turkmenistan on the establishment of the association. The agenda included issues of reorganization of the “Association of Turkmen Alabay”, and the creation on its basis of the International Association Turkmen Alabay dogs. Also, within the framework of the event, the draft Charter of this Association was discussed and approved, it


Іn ancient times, a shepherd lived in one of the steppe settlements, who spent his entire life herding sheep. He was a shepherd since childhood, so everyone forgot his real name, and everyone, old and young, called him “Çopan” (shepherd) aga. Despite the fact that he was herding sheep alone, he often came to the village. He was present at the wakes and feasts of his fellow villagers, but did not stay long, as suddenly appeared, so suddenly and went to the herd. Once there was a big holiday. One of the guests, noticing the shepherd, who forgot about everything in the world, listened to the ravishing songs of bagshy, sarcastically asked: – Shepherd aga, they say: “Feast is bad for shepherd,” but wherever the village heats the cauldron, you came first. Who are you leaving the herd to? Or are you lying, telling all of us that you are herding sheep? The shepherd turned sternly at the voice: – First of all, I’m not like some people who just think: “Where can I fill my stomach today?” Secondly, these are all people who will share with me both joy and sorrow, and help me in difficult times. And I left it to a friend of mine to look after the herd. The man said sarcastically again: – I don’t believe you can have a friend at a time like this who can be trusted with a whole flock of sheep. Tell me, who is this friend? The shepherd replied:– This is my dog alabay. His name is Vepaly (Faith


On August 31, 2020, the founders of the International Association Turkmen Alabay dogs held a video conference in the capial’s hotel “Archabil”. The forum, which took place in the conference hall of the “Archabil” was attended by foreign experts-heads of the state Ministry and departments, public organizations, the country’s media and key experts, as well as delegates from Armenia, Belgium, Belarus, Georgia, Iran, China, Russia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, France and many other countries cynology federation, associations, clubs, scientific observatory members attended online video conference. Agenda of the meeting was restructuring the Turkmen alabay dogs associations and establishment of the International Association Turkmen Alabay dogs. During meeting agenda of creating new associations considered and to its committee members elected from foreign members of the Executive Committee, the Supervisory Board and the Governing body.Beside that divisions of this association created in Ashgabat city and other regions their new directors appointed. As noted by the Participants of the forum, the protection and dissmenination of national values is one of the priorities of the state policy pursued by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on a regular basis. They stressed that further improvement and increase in the number of selective breeding of Turkmen alabay has become an important area