"Güneş" žurnaly

Founder: The Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan
Adress: Ashgabat c., Garashsyzlyk shayoly, 100, Turkmenbashy centre of free creative work
Telephones: 38-61-68, 38-61-70, 38-61-59
Email: gunesh_tm@sanly.tm



Arkadiy GAIDAR, Russian writer. (A short story)

Plum stone

Leo TOLSTOY, Russian writer. (A short story)

Where potatoes grow?

Agageldi ALLANAZAROV, a writer. (A short story)

An apple

(A short story) Emilian BUKOV, Moldovan writer.

Lost day

(A short story) Valentina OSEYEVA, Russian writer.

Two snowflakes

(A Japanese parable) It was snowing, and it was usual for winter. Snowflakes gently fell to the ground without leaving a trace, doing a winter dance. Fearing to lose each other, the two snowflakes holding hands tightly, began to talk to each other about their arrival:

Children of Santa Claus

(Russian folk tale) Santa Claus had three sons and a daughter. Their names were the Wind, the Ice, the Frost and the Snowflake.

A tale about greedy nightingale

(Russian folk tale) Once a nightingale saw a beautiful flowering bush. It decided to sit on the bush and wait for the fruits to appear. The nightingale sat on the branches, starved for many months, waiting for the fruits to appear. He did not let other birds near to come near the bush.

Mole and bear

Iris REVYU, Russian writer. (Fairy tale)

Grandma is having a rest

V.A.SUHOMLINSKIY, Russian writer. (Story)

Skillful hands

(Fairy tale) Vladimir SUTEYEV, russian writer.

Tale about summer

Iris REVYU, russian writer. The rain drums on the tops of the trees. Blades of grass bend under heavy raindrops. A little nightingale, hiding in the bushes, looks around.

The seventh daughter

Vasily SUKHOMLINSKY, Russian writer. (Fairy tale)

Stork and Nightingale

Valentin BERESTOV, Russian writer. (Story)

Stork and his disciples

(Fairy tale) Mihail PLATSKOVSKIY, russian writer.

Story about greed

Iris REVYU, Russian writer. Once upon a time there was a boy named Sasha Luzhaykin. Sasha was not a bad boy, but he was greedy. He never shared his candies with others and never gave his toys to play with them.