Tips to prevent seasonal diseases

«7/24. tm», № 04 (139), 23.01.2023 1. Exercise regularly and be physically active to enhance your immunity.

Resorts of Turkmenistan: the Healing Power of Native Nature

In the period of the Revival of the New Era of the Powerful State, our Motherland has taken a decent place among intensively developing economies and is confidently moving forward along the path of creation and progress in the year “The Era of the People with Arkadag”. The concern for people – the supreme value of the society and state remains the key priority of the state policy implemented by the esteemed President Serdar Berdimuhamedov. Large-scale work is being done in the country to strengthen the scientific and legal frameworks of health care and bring all levels of health care in line with the principles of the World Health Organisation. The Saglyk State Progamme developed under the leadership of the respected Arkadag and successfully implemented today has significantly improved material, technical and personnel resources of the healthcare system. Hundreds of modern healthcare facilities have been built in Ashgabat, the centres of velayat and etraps, settlements and villages. Great opportunities have been created in the country to provide health care to the population in accordance with international standards.

Seasonal Disease Prevention Tips

– Lead a physically active lifestyle and go in for sports. – When going outside, lubricate the mucous membranes of the nasal cavity with oxolinic ointment.

Seasonal Disease Prevention Tips

– Lead a physically active lifestyle and go in for sports. – When going outside, lubricate the mucous membranes of the nasal cavity with oxolinic ointment.

Magical Winter Has Arrived...

Snow is the brightest sign of winter; it is always longed for. There is probably something special in that moment when the first snowflakes, whirling quietly in the air, slowly fall and touch the ground. The world seems to freeze, as if everything around, trees, buildings and mountains in the distance, watched with surprise this snowy miracle. First, it fell in small grains, then covered the ground, city streets, roofs of houses, mountain peaks and hills in the vicinity of Ashgabat with fluffy white snowflakes, turning our capital into a fabulous city by morning.

Simple Defence from Seasonal Colds

With the onset of cold weather, as a rule, the frequency of colds increases. During this period, it is important to protect yourself and your family from illness. Improper nutrition, change of seasons and stress weaken the body’s immune defences. Therefore, to maintain immunity, more vegetables, fruit and greens rich in vitamins and microelements should be included in the diet.

7 reasons to give nordic walking a try

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Health Diplomacy Of Turkmenistan: For global sustainable development

Health diplomacy has become one of the foreign-policy priorities of independent neutral Turkmenistan over the past two years. Fostering a comprehensive global dialogue in the healthcare sphere to develop effective steps in achieving the goals of protecting people’s health has come to the fore on the agenda of the United Nations in connection with the pandemic and its impact on all spheres of life of societies and states of the world. The health diplomacy of Turkmenistan has identified a number of new trends in international relations and has become one of the factors in raising the positive image of our country on the international arena. UN Resident Coordinator for Turkmenistan Dmitry Shlapachenko commented on the role of Turkmen health diplomacy in international relations in an interview with a NT correspondent. On the relevance of health diplomacy

Dress according to the Weather

There is winter on the calendar. However, not everyone “has readjusted themselves” for the new season. Some of us still continue to put on light clothing, while others wear as warm clothing as possible. Both can cause a weakening of the protective functions of the body and, as a result, a seasonal cold. One of the most important hygiene rules is to always dress according to the weather. Clothing should create comfort, and it should not be, for example, the cause of overheating and, as a result, sweating, which not only causes cooling of the body, but also violates the tightness of clothing, which should protect against cold. However, too light clothes cannot protect either from the cold, or from the wind, or from precipitation.

Proper nutrition in the cold season

Winter is the most difficult period for our body. Little sunlight, low temperatures and people spend much time indoors. For our body to cope with this load, it is necessary to replenish it with all the necessary nutrients. Nutrition in the cold season should be balanced, high-calorie and rich in vitamins and useful trace elements. Seasonal vegetables and fruit play a big role in this. Those that are grown in the region of residence are more useful than exotic vegetables and fruit from distant tropical countries. Proper nutrition in winter will help improve a person’s wellbeing and reduce the risk of the exacerbation of chronic diseases. In the cold season, the immune defence of the body is important. To maintain it, it is recommended to eat foods that are a source of essential amino acids, such as lean meat, chicken, turkey, dairy products and legumes and also to include in your diet multivitamin and mineral complexes and specialised food products enriched with them, for nutrition of children as well.