Rules of Behaviour in the Hot Weather

In the hot season, it is important to follow a few simple rules and recommendations of the medical specialists in order to maintain health and not to become a victim of sun or heat stroke. Unless necessary, try not to go outside during maximum solar activity. If, after all, going outside is inevitable, then put on spacious and light-coloured clothes, made of natural fabrics, and do not forget a light hat and be sure to have a bottle of still water with you. When outdoors, try to stay in the shade and periodically go into shops or air-conditioned premises.

Physical culture and sport are the source of a healthy life

Protection of the human health, which is considered the most valuable asset of our country, and education of the physically and mentally healthy and inspired younger generations are the priorities of the domestic policy in the revival of the new epoch of the powerful state. World Health Day has been widely celebrated as one of the most cherished holidays in the world for nearly 70 years. The World Health Organization was established on April 7, 1948, the World Health Day Resolution was adopted by the WHO on the same day in 1950.

Where are masks required to be worn?

«7/»,№ 26 (109), 27.06.2022 On the territory of Turkmenistan, medical masks must be worn:

Holidays at Sea for Health Improvement

Summer is the time for holidays and vacations, the time when many people have a rest on the sea in our wonderful Avaza national tourism zone. A trip to the sea is a joyful event, the entire family is looking forward to it. However, excessive exposure to the sun and increased activity in the water can adversely affect the body. According to medical experts, one of the common problems of a beach holiday is acute intestinal infections. Therefore, when swimming in the sea or the pool, try not to swallow water, if possible, spend the minimal time in the pool. And after bathing, be sure to take a shower using soap and a washcloth.

Dear citizens!

Taking into account the summer period, the Ministry of Health and the Medical Industry of Turkmenistan in order to prevent solar stroke and seasonal acute respiratory viral diseases recommends to dress according to the characteristics of the summer period, to protect yourselves from exposure to direct sunlight, to strictly observe the currently valid rules of personal and public hygiene, to appropriately wear medical masks in approved places – transport and enclosed spaces, and to always keep hands clean.

International Day of Yoga has been celebrated

The celebrations of International Day of Yoga were held at the Bagtyyarlyk Sports Complex in the capital on June 21. The participants practiced yoga in the open air. The event was organized by the Embassy of India in our country. The Minister of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan and the Ambassador of India to Turkmenistan made their speeches at the celebrations. Along with congratulations on International Day of Yoga, the benefits of yoga for the human body and spirit were discussed. Later on, the yoga practitioners performed exercises to achieve harmony with the world under the beautiful sounds early in the morning.

Action to mark World Blood Donor Day

«7/», №25 (108), 20.06.2022  On June 14, countries around the world celebrated World Blood Donor Day, which served to draw public attention to this important act of solidarity.

Action to mark World Blood Donor Day

«7/», №25 (108), 20.06.2022  On June 14, countries around the world celebrated World Blood Donor Day, which served to draw public attention to this important act of solidarity.

Healthy eating

«7/», №25 (108), 20.06.2022  The Information Centre of the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan recommends

Comparative analysis of the effectiveness of vaccines against SARS-COV-2 after revaccination

Since December 2020, various vaccines have been used to combat the global COVID-19 pandemic, which is considered a turning point that changed the situation with the pandemic around the world. In the scientific literature, there are a lot of data on the effectiveness and duration of post-vaccination immunity [1-4]. The aim of the work is to analyze community immunity against SARS-COV-2 depending on the age and type of vaccines.