The youth — the future of our country

1 April 2022

Under the leadership of our He­ro Ar­kadag in the Epoch of Might and Happiness rising to the new heights of development, of reforms the material and spiritual values of the Turkmen people, is in accordance with natural laws. Because our people inspired by the bright happy future and successful achievements of our powerful state go forward with confidence at the speed of a racer to the glorious future. Under the wise and far-sighted leadership the care for people became one of the primary trends of the state policy.

In our Motherland going forward towards new heights of development the young generation of our Motherland get education in accordance with the demands of our times, the achievements of new technologies are introduced into the life the youth. As our Hero Arkadag teaches the works carried out in this direction are realized based on national traditions and wisdom. Our He­ro Ar­kadag underlines: «In order to achieve bringing up our youth well educated and of high culture, with the aim of achieving their deserved contribution to the treasury of the world science, technology and culture all conditions should be created. Leaning upon the science and education, on the basis of ancient traditions of the Turkmen people and universal human values all the works of educating and bringing up the youth should be improved».

assistant director on educational works of the 1st Boarding School of the Dashoghuz city.