The main goal is security

16 July 2021

The Department of State Surveillance carries out state control over the quality of works and services, compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents on standards and standardization. Conducts certification work of testing laboratories. Performs certification work of existing production facilities, production complexes and services.

The work is carried out in accordance with the item «Distribution of works on certification of enterprises in accordance with the requirements of international standards related to the quality control system and environmental protection» of «Programs of social and economic development of Turkmenistan for 2019 — 2025 of the President of Turkmenistan». In 2021, the TDS-ISO 9001:2015 (E) certificate of quality compliance was registered for transport and logistics services in the oil and gas system of the private enterprise «Dag deňiz» according to the requirements of international standards.

Head of the State Surveillance Department of the State Service «Turkmenstandartlary» of the Balkan velayat