Education is the light of happiness

23 February 2024

Educating the smart young people who have a broad outlook, understand the requirements of the times, and make a worthy contribution to the development of the Motherland is a priority of the state policy in the revival of the new epoch of the powerful state. Thus, great work is underway to develop the science and education system to promote social and economic progress. This work is reflected in the growth of the national intellectual potential.

The Turkmen people have a popular saying, ‘knowledge and wisdom are more valuable than gold’. Indeed, education is a value that ensures the development of society. In this context, the state policy in Turkmenistan is aimed at the balanced development of the education system and the comprehensive upbringing of the younger generations. This fact was confirmed at the extended meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers held on February 9 this year.

a student, International University for the Humanities and Development.