Kurash is an Ancient Form of Wrestling

23 November 2023

Today, the Kurash that has attracted the attention of the whole world has gained great popularity and fame, and this Kurash has deep historical roots. Wrestling   which was one of the forms of martial arts, originated in ancient times in Central Asia. As a result of historical findings discovered by historians and archaeologists, it was confirmed that the age of this type of sport is about 2.5-3 thousand years. If we mention the findings that scientifically prove the history of the battle, that is, the statues of two wrestlers found in Gonurdepe  (2nd millennium BC), the image of two  wrestlers in the wall paintings (pictures) found in Penjikent, the artworks depicting the images of two wrestlers   in ceramic pots found in Ancient Bactria, this is all that has been said confirms Turkmen wrestling was a wrestling held in almost all the villages on the banks of the Amudayara River in Lebap Velayat, during weddings and large ceremonial events. In the 14th century, the world-famous commander Teymurleng (Tamerlan) forced them to engage in wrestling in order to physically strengthen his army. Since the 20th century, great attention has been paid to Kurash in Uzbekistan.