«BUILD A CITY, and let its windows be wide...»

4 May 2023

Although the poet wrote these lines about half a century ago, he seems to have a clear vision that high rise towering buildings will be constructed in his homeland in the future. The number of socially beneficial projects being carried out in the country, especially the transformations related to the construction of modern buildings and residential houses, is increasing every year. This is not the case with respect to one or several specific areas of the national economy and social system, but it produces positive results in relation to the performance of all structural sectors. We see it primarily in the high buildings that are glittering with light, which are the examples of all the developments and reforms. The architectural art of the hardworking Turkmen people, which creates a harmonious combination of modernity, elements of national art and classical styles, dates distant past. The house construction and amazing national art, which spread the fame of the Turkmens through out the world with the Jeitun culture, had been further improved, and are even to day actively applied in modern buildings and facilities. Our people, who set a white yurt and gave feasts for the guests with great hospitality in ancient times, today strike the imagination of world nations with their white marble buildings, and welcome the guests to discuss the solution to regional and international problems in our white marble capital. As the cities that are unique to each nation and bring together their cultural traditions rise before people’s eyes when it comes to the capital cities of the countries around the world, so the white marble city come to mind of the people throughout the world when they hear of Ashgabat. As the capital of a peaceful and stable country, Ashgabat has been for many years providing a platform for international conferences and official meetings. From this point of view, as well as in terms of the modernization of the city, Ashgabat emerges as an individual and unique topic. In particular, it is an urgent solution to introduce today’s versatile patterns and modern architectural criteria into urban infrastructure. The city of Arkadag, which is currently under construction, can be described as another of the cities that concentrate today’s architectural and construction approaches. It should be noted that it has been built as a comprehensive whole city with complete engineering facilities and administrative system within a short period of time. The basic reason for a special emphasis in this regard is due to the application in the construction of the city of concepts that are wide spread in the world practice and in line with innovative urban planning projects.

The Esteemed President attaches great importance to the implementation of the urban development project in the country incompliance with the terms of the «Smart Cities» concept. Indeed, our national experience keeping pace with the times simultaneously carries out work on digitization and the creation of a «smart» living environment. To date, the total amount of investment in such projects, which only modern and rapidly developing countries can afford, is estimated to be high. It is a matter of pride that Turkmen cities are among cities such as Barcelona, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Moscow, and other developed cities of the world, which provide for using the «smart home» concept. The solutions used in the construction projects of Ashgabat and Arkadag cities, as well as those planned for use in the future, will be definitely the effective methods for realizing the potential of an information society. That is, there is a common link in these urban projects, where the demands of the residents and workers are taken into consideration according to daily consumption, and all the needs are met. This constitutes a principle that contributes to prepare future solutions in advance to promote the development of society. In accordance with the conditions in such cities, the data of its residents and workers are processed and analyzed, and future solutions are implemented. In this case, there will be a regularity that will make it possible to quickly meet the demands of society through the creation of a common data base or wide spread exchange of information. It is expected that in the near future, as a result of all the activities being carried out in the architectural and construction sector of our country, our capital city of Ashgabat, as well as the city of Arkadag, which is emerging as another beautiful site of the country, will provide better conditions and comfort for living, and modern life supporting technologies.

A student, Turkmen state institute of architecture and construction.
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